June 20, 2013

ATLANTA, GA—Lost-n-Found Youth (LnF), Atlanta’s only LGBT youth homelessness program, received its single largest donation to date from the East Point Possums, who raised the funds at the 16th annual East Point Possum Show last Saturday. The event, which takes place annually on the East Point Commons, features drag performances and other entertainment and drew a crowd of around 2,000 people who tipped, drank, and donated the substantial sum.

 The East Point Possums presented a check to LnF at the organization’s monthly fundraiser, The Big Gay Game Show, on Wednesday night. The East Point Possums also announced that the they have chosen LnF as the beneficiary of next year’s Possum Show, to be held in June 2014.

 “The East Point Possums were overjoyed at the success of this year’s show,” said John Jeffrey, one of the organizers of the event. “We support the good work of Lost-n-Found, and to be able to give them our record fundraising total was a great reward for the substantial effort and energy the performers and volunteers put into the show.”

 LnF recently began a $1 million capital campaign to expand the program and its facilities to better and more adequately serve the homeless LGBT youth population. The Possum Show funds have helped meet the campaign’s first benchmark: raising approximately $28,000 to open a community thrift store to fund the continued operations of LnF. The thrift store will also function as a clothing closet and job training center for LnF’s homeless LGBT youth clients.

 “We put every dollar we receive to good use,” said Rick Westbrook, Executive Director of Lost-n-Found Youth, Inc. “These funds, and in turn this thrift store, will give us the peace of mind and self-sufficiency to fund our day-to-day operations with income not from financial donations or grants. We believe LnF will be the first LGBT nonprofit in our region who can say this, and this will be a huge achievement not only for Lost-n-Found but for the Atlanta LGBT community at large.”

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About The East Point Possums   Founded in 1997 as a backyard drag party to celebrate Independence Day, the East Point Possum Show. The event grew each year until it was so large it demanded a public venue. Since its inception, the event has donated tens of thousands of dollars to charity. www.eastpointpossums.com

About Lost-n-Found Youth, Inc.   Founded in December 2011, Lost-n-Found Youth, Inc. is Atlanta’s only nonprofit agency working to take homeless LGBT youth off the street. Lost-n-Found provides temporary housing, job search assistance and counseling, and many other services for LGBT youths aged 18-25 who are homeless or facing imminent homelessness. www.lostnfoundyouth.org