Lost-n-Found Youth is pleased to announce the election of Patricia (Patty) Durand, President and CEO of Smart Energy Consumer Collaborative, to its Board of Directors. Ms. Durand has experience in managing and operations of the organization, for commissioning original consumer research, and shepherding the organization through a period of growth and expansion.

The analytical and the strategic nature of her long term thinking, planning and problem solving, particularly in the areas of organizational development and donor outreach make her an ideal candidate for our Board. Ms Durand brings a wealth of non-profit experience with her. For the past 3 years she has volunteered as the LNFY Hotline Manager. She is the past Executive Director of the Georgia Chapter of the SIerra Club (2005-2009), where she developed and executed multi-year strategic plan with a focus on building the organization, Board, and Donor base. She is a past Program DIrector for the Sandy Springs Conservancy and currently serves on the leadership team of BeltLine Rail NOW!

Ms. Durand is a well regarded speaker, regularly composing and delivering presentations at large energy conferences and an invited speaker at 6 international conferences. She is the author of 30+ published essays and blogs highlighting SECC consumer engagement research.