Steve Hightower is an award-winning hair designer who is recognized as one of the finest hairdressers in Atlanta. He has been a national educator for leading beauty industry companies and has been a national platform artist and educator for years.

Steve’s fundraising experience is extensive, having been on several charity boards and having raised over $800,000 for children’s charities over the past decade.

As a successful member of the Atlanta business and social communities, Steve strives to bring much-needed coverage, exposure, attention, and assets to the small local charities that he supports. His focus has been fundraising for children and youth in need. Steve’s network of Atlanta’s socialites, philanthropists, business owners and city influencers are indispensable to the causes in which he is involved. His connections to local print and television are keys to the success of his charity efforts.

Why I Support LNFY

Steve says, “When I hear the stories of rejection from family, churches, schoolmates and society, I feel that I have to step up and help these youths. They are beaten down and feel unwanted by the world. Many are suicidal and, sad to say, some have ended their own lives. Quick and sustained assistance from our community can change their lives and put them on the road to independent and happy living.”