Have a Conversation

One of the most frequent questions we receive when talking to groups for the first time is “Is LGBTQ youth homelessness really an issue?” and it’s often followed by “Why wasn’t I aware of it until now?”  While the LGBTQ community has funneled millions of dollars to fight for marriage equality and the political process over the years, our most precious resource – our youth – are dying on the streets of Atlanta.  That’s just not acceptable anymore.

Our supporters need to bring up the conversation and uncomfortable truth that while we fight for our rights, the youngest members of the LGBTQ community are simply trying to survive.  What’s worse, each time we have a major victory for equality, we see increases in the need for our services because unaccepting parents decide to put their child out on the street rather than provide for their basic needs.  It has to stop.

Share Our Message

One of the most important things that our supporters can do is to share information we offer on our social media channels with their social networks of family, friends and contacts.  If others don’t know there is a homeless youth crisis in Atlanta, they can’t help our mission so we ask each person connected to Lost-n-Found Youth to engage with social media and help get the word out.