StarBenders present Friday Night Classic! ALL AGES free show

StarBenders present Friday Night Classic! ALL AGES free show

Mar 31, 8:00pm - Mar 31, 11:00pm

Avondale Towne Cinema
106 N Avondale Rd
Avondale Estates, GA  30002 Map

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Hungry Girl


Fundraiser for Lost-N-Found!
Accepting cash donations as well as:
Sanitary products (shampoo, soap, deodorant, etc.)
Gift cards for food
clothing and household goods

Learn more at:

Their Mission-
Lost-n-Found Youth assists homeless youth from 13 – 25 in stabilizing their lives, including preparing them for permanent housing and stable employment. In addition, LNFY is Atlanta’s leading non-profit with the specialized expertise on and dedication to the needs of LGBTQ homeless youth and we take a special responsibility to ensuring their well-being.

Their Story-
Lost-n-Found Youth is the outgrowth of Saint Lost and Found, an LGBTQ homeless youth fund project of the Atlanta Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

Founded by Rick Westbrook, Art Izzard, and Paul Swicord after each of them experienced being turned away when attempting to place queer youth into local shelters and youth aid programs, the three resolved that something needed to be done to address the immediate need.

They called a public town hall meeting and invited these local homeless youth support agencies to express outrage and determine what resources existed. The meeting made clear that no organization was specifically actively working to take LGBTQ homeless youth off the street. Rick, Art, Paul and others assembled in November 2011 with the support of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence to establish a privately funded emergency shelter, and the Saint Lost and Found project (now Lost-n-Found Youth, Inc.) was born.
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Painting Party at the new Lost-N-Found Thrift Store

Painting Party at the new Lost-N-Found Thrift Store

Apr 1, 9:00am - Apr 1, 3:00pm

6409 Jimmy Carter Blvd Suite 700 Norcross 30071

Get Involved
Lost-N-Found needs your help with this endeavor! We are looking for people to help us paint the new digs April 1st, 2017. We are looking for individuals and groups to come volunteer to help us make the new space as beautiful as possible. Come get the first peek at the new place, and know that your time and effort will directly help LNFY programming and the youth they serve.

Please RSVP on Lost-N-Found’s Facebook page, and invite your friends!
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Thriving Children Annual Gala

Thriving Children Annual Gala

May 12, 6:30pm - May 12, 10:00pm

130 W Paces Ferry Rd NW, Atlanta, GA 30305-1380, United States

Upset, shocked, heart hurting, confused, mad and many other feelings I have here.
I am interviewing some of the youth from Lost-n-Found Youth to make a short clip for our Thriving Children Gala May 12th.
The hell that some of these youth have gone threw is unbelievable. It's hard to imagine that parents can do some of the things that has been done to these kids and put them out on the streets of Atlanta to live..
One had testicle cancer and his family did not want to fool with the expense of all the treatment the going back-and-forth to the hospital, basically they just did not want to deal with it, so they put him on the streets and told him not to come back. He lived under the bridge right past Amory and would walk and get his chemo and then walk back and stay under the bridge. He said he didn't worry about food because the chemo didn't make him hungry but being in the cold and looking for clean water and clothing was so difficult. He didn't have to worry about prostituting himself because he had lost his hair and he lost so much weight nobody wanted to bother him. When he recovered he did get in touch with his family and a distant relative let him come live with them. Shortly after they found out he was gay and threw him back on the streets. He now has been living on the streets of Atlanta for over two years.
Another child was stolen from his family at age 4 and went through sex trafficking until age 8 and had been raped and sold and also had his feet burned many times by crazy people paying to torture him. When he was too old for people to pay for him in sex trafficking he was dropped at a shelter and then went into 14 different foster parents. He was also abused by many of the foster parents because he was gay and ran away and has been living on the street for four years.
This Christmas I received a phone call on Christmas Eve that a mother and father had put their child out on the street because they found out he was gay. On Christmas day David and I were taking some of the youth to the movie theater. We knew which child had been put out the night before. The movie had started and he got up and went out. I thought he was going to the bathroom. About 20 minutes later I realized he was not back, to make a long story short I called Rick Westbrook the founder and he had the boys number from the boy calling him the night before. His mother had text him on Christmas asking where he was. He told her Atlantic Station at the movie. She asked him if he wanted to come home and he said yes. She came and picked him up,,,,but about 7:30 she put him back out on the street because he had not changed. He was still gay and she thought he would have thought about it that night and changed.
One beautiful young girl and I'm telling she is beautiful was put out by her family because they suspected that she was a lesbian. Having to survive on the streets she became pregnant and has a five-month-old and her family still will not let her come home. Just imagine being on the street living under bridges,eating out of trash cans, stealing and prostituting to take care of yourself and a small child.
I can go on and on and tell you many more stories that are just so horrible that parents have done to their kids for various reasons and putting them on the street. No matter what a child has done or is,,,that is not a reason to abandon your child and put them on the street.
My gala is to bring awareness to everyone about the situations and raise funds for this wonderful agency that my heart is so connected to. My family has always love me and except me and I cannot imagine the true feeling that these you have and they will never forget what has been done to them by their family. These youth are our future and your children's future and they need our help.
Lost-n-Found Youth Feed over 500 youth a month coming in off of the street, clothing them, help get them ID because when they are thrown out they have no ID, help find jobs, GED's, safe housing, medical care, counseling, and many other needs. Most of the kids that we interviewed referred
to this agency as their family and how they knew they could always count on us to help them.
I beg you to please go to our site and make a donation. It is tax-deductible and your funds will help us help these youth have a better life.
You can also purchase tickets to our gala on the site. Any amount that you give is greatly appreciated and goes along way with these kids. I am physically there at the center all the time. I see them and work with these kids and they all need and want love. TICKETS and DONATIONS

Please donate!! Please! — at
Buy tickets at

Tickets now on sale for a night of fashion, food, cocktails, silent auction and orchestra music, Derrick Barry "Brittany Spears" impersonator- benefitting Lost n Found Youth
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