The Long Walk Home

Dr. Mark Sweatman, an amputee who lost his leg in 2010, will lead a 140-mile walk around and through Atlanta from November 8-16 to raise funds and awareness for Lost-n-Found Youth.

“I learned through my troubled times and on the brink of suicide, that I needed a glimmer of hope to survive,” said Dr. Sweatman. “I am very passionate about helping others and this includes drawing attention and awareness to the homeless crisis among LGBTQ youth in Atlanta and the reason for “The Long Walk Home.” Please support me and our efforts until we all have a place to call home.”

Mark lost his left leg to Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) four years ago. He suffered a simple broken foot that led to RSD, a painful and debilitating neurological condition that resulted in amputation below the knee. One of Mark’s recovery goals was to complete a 5K walk, but he became inspired to test his limits and to help others. This led to the Inspirational Walk and the establishment of the W. Mark Sweatman Foundation, Inc., a nonprofit focused on inspiring, helping, and serving society by promoting positive humanitarian change.

The loss of Mark’s leg was just one of a string of losses that wreaked havoc on his life in the span of just a few years. Mark has written about his journey from despair to hope in Amputated Yet Whole: How Adversity Made Me Complete, a memoir which resonates with anyone who has suffered a loss. It is a testament to the resiliency of the human spirit and an inspiring work by a young man who has triumphed over life’s challenges.

Information about Mark, the walk, and his book is available at and

In addition to training for the walk, Mark earned his Ph.D. in Sociology, conducts research at the Shepherd Center, and teaches at Georgia Gwinnett College.

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