angelMy name is Angel. I was born with a genetic anomaly. Despite it being obvious to the world, I don’t let it stop me.

I always had a good relationship with my family. I came out when I was 15. My mom was okay with that. She went as far as to give me advice on which guys I should date. It was a normal life.

Then, I lost my job.

Mom proceeded to kick me out because I couldn’t pay the rent. Most people would pout and blame their parents.

Not me.

I’m going to be one of the rare few that actually agreed with the decision. She and I both knew that if she supported me while I looked for a job, I’d have no incentive to get out there. She did what she was best for me. I couldn’t grow up if I was a mooch.

They offered me a spot in a housing program. I refused it, saying that I would be fine and to give it to someone that actually needed it. I always make it a habit to refuse help unless I actually need it.

Currently, I’m in one of the city’s most respected housing programs and pushing towards a real future.

Because of LNFY, I work retail and love it. I can’t imagine being anywhere else. How many people can say that they actually love their job?

In a year, I want to be in my own apartment, still working the retail job that I love. I’m actually saving money to go to Australia. My boyfriend lives there. We’ve been together since high school. He was the transfer student. Despite a few continents between us, we’re still going strong after three years.

My words to youth in the same situation is simple.

I know that right now – all you think about is the present but always remember that you have a future.

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