I never imagined that I would get as far as I have.

I graduated college with a Bachelors degree in Music Performance. I’m an opera singer with a voice that stops most people. My voice is the one thing that I am proudest of.

When I graduated college, I realized that it was impossible to find a job. I had nowhere to go so I became homeless.

My parents died when I was 14. Survival is in my blood. I somehow made it through the darkest 3 year period of my life. I survived through sheer strength and knowledge. I know every trick to surviving and it’s something I still use to this day.

After spending some time in the worst shelter in town, they referred me to LNFY. That was the greatest gift that anyone could have ever given me. They took me in and helped me get back on my feet.

Because of LNFY, I was able to get a job as a secretarial assistant to a local real estate agent. With his love and support, I am now a licensed agent.

I’ve been stably housed for the last two years. It’s me and my cat, Milo. He’s my baby and just the culmination of one of my many dreams. I’m also deep-rooted in my faith. It was God that got me through that rough time and I still turn to him when I need advice.

I’ll tell you what I tell anyone that is in the situation I was once in.

The only person that cares about you is you. Don’t be afraid to keep trying your best.

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