My life started on the side of the road and that’s where it almost ended.

Let me back up. My name is Eva Grace but looking at me, you would never think that. I guess I have always been the one to go against the norms in life.

I was found on the side of the road where a schizophrenic woman had given birth to me. The paramedics didn’t think I would make it. Once they got me to the hospital and stabilized me, the nurse named me Eva Grace because it meant living blessing. My birth mom didn’t recognize me and I was put up for adoption.

I was adopted at the age of two by a woman who wanted a girl after having a bunch of boys. It was a good life until my mother realized I was different (I liked girls!) and then all hell broke loose.

I won’t get into the specifics of my life. I did a lot that I’m not proud of and I prefer to forget it. That’s in my past. I really don’t want to remember those pieces. It was fun while it lasted but once it got too real, I needed to be gone and fast.

In August 2014, my life almost ended on the side of the road. I was walking home and a truck struck me. I ended up in a ditch and almost died. I swear I saw an angel or the devil…I’m really not sure. Either way, something told me it wasn’t my time so I came back.

I spent months in the hospital and then a nursing home.

They said I would never walk again.

I proved them wrong.

They said I would have brain damage.

I proved them wrong.

They said I would be on disability for the rest of my life.

I proved them wrong.

I work in security, something that I thought I would never do again and have for the last year.

My life’s road hasn’t been easy. I didn’t expect that but in a year, I will be working, saving money and going full force towards the life I was meant to live.

If you find yourself in my situation, just keep moving forward and don’t let society dictate what you should be and know that God is on your side.

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