I want to get off the streets.

It’s been a year since I was stable. I made the mistake of committing a crime and I’m just lucky that it wasn’t worse. I spent six months in prison and 10 months in jail. Honestly? I preferred prison. That was terrible but it had some semblance of life. In jail, I couldn’t go outside. I couldn’t do anything. Jail was more solitary – I’d never been so alone.

It was hell on Earth.

My mother died when I was 16. My father died when I was 11. So, when I got out, I was alone. My resources were gone. My friends gave up on me. Life was a mess. I had to turn to the streets.

I can get jobs. That’s not a problem. The problem for me is holding them down. I’ll get off work and have no place to go. I’ll have to sleep in the streets and it becomes a cycle. I prefer day labor now- it’s easier to maintain myself and hold those jobs.

There are bad people out there. They want to hurt the homeless. The police want to take our stuff. Every day is a struggle for me, trying to stay safe and protect the others around me.

In a year, I’d like to tell you that I would be stable in a home of my own but I just don’t know. It seems more likely that I’ll still be on the streets, looking for help to continue my life. I just don’t know…

If I could tell you one lesson that I have learned from my struggles, it would be ‘don’t be afraid to go home. Make it right.”

It’s a chance we all want but so few get….

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