I am the original poster child for LNFY.

Yes, I’m sure you’ve probably heard that from multiple people but I swear I am. Just ask Rick if you don’t believe me.

I became homeless because my dad didn’t like the fact I was gay. I moved out to be with someone. It didn’t go well and I had to get out. I ended up working two jobs- one at Heretic and one at Manifest. I met Paul S., the owner of Manifest. Once he realized I was homeless, he talked to Rick and that’s how LNFY was started.

I was addicted to Meth for 4 and a half years. The drug ruled my life. I kept sliding further down hill. Then, I had my moment where I figuratively came to Jesus. I was half blind, half deaf with a needle in arm. I couldn’t die like this- I was 26 and knew I had my life ahead of me.

I am proud to say that I’ve been sober for 24 days. I’ve always known what I needed to do to stay sober but I had to be ready for it. I finally became ready for it and am going full force into it.

I want to help my fellow man. What does mean that to me? I’m going back to school eventually to study addiction therapy. I want to help people just like someone helped me. I want to be there for the suffering people.

I honestly believe that I am now living the life I was supposed to live.

If I can change, anyone can. Never give up.

Most importantly, never settle.

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