Call me True.

My real name does’t matter. I almost never use it. They call me True after the clothing brand True Religion because I wear nothing but the best.

I’ve been homeless for nine months. It’s a rough world out there for someone who just got out of prison, especially when they’re female. I was there for seven years due to a very serious charge. I did my time and now I’m out, trying to make something of myself and right the wrongs of my past.

On a side note, there is one question I get asked a lot so let me record the answer here and put it on the record.

Orange is the New Black may make prison look cool but I can tell you it’s not.

I’m one of the luck ones, I have a place in a program that will help me find an income-based apartment. That means I’m focusing on finding a job so I can continue my life.

Life is not easy for a felon in reentry but I make the best of it. I haven’t met many who can tell their story with a smile like I can. I choose to focus on where I’m going, not where I’ve been. i also have promised myself that I will not let my pride get in the way again.

Be December 2017, I will be living the life. It’ll be me, my two jobs and my wife in a stable apartment. Yes, I said wife. I’m engaged now and can’t wait to make it legal. She’s definitely part of my future.

When asked what I would tell someone in my situation, the answer was easy.

Take the help. It’s out there. Pride can hold you back. My pride held me back. Don’t be like me.

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