Finding Safety & Shelter for Atlanta's LGBTQ+ Youth

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As we, as a nation, celebrate this month our PRIDE in our LGBTQ community and the advancement of LGBTQ rights, we must remember the words of Black trans-activist Marsha P. Johnson, who said: 

No pride for some of us, without liberation for all of us.” 

In upholding the values of self-affirmation, dignity and equality for our LGBTQ community, we must fight for these values in solidarity with our Black community as well. 

As an organization that exists to serve the unique needs of Atlanta’s homeless LGBTQ youth, it is impossible to separate our work from this moment and this movement. Our advocacy for LGBTQ rights cannot exist without the consideration of the Black community. 

At Lost-n-Found, more than 90% of our youth identify as Black, which is representative of our country’s many broken systems. Being Black AND LGBTQ makes their odds of experiencing injustice and inequality – and homelessness – exponentially higher. 

The unavoidable truth is that we cannot provide our youth with safety and security if we do not protect the sanctity of their lives. 

We cannot honor our commitment to helping them develop as whole humans who believe, as our vision states, in “a world where all youth can live and grow authentically,” if this moment does not become part of our movement as well. 

Lost-n-Found Youth was founded as an act of social justice. This has not changed. 

We will continue to hold ourselves accountable and hold our peers and our community accountable for the justice and equality of all Black lives. Whatever role we must take as an organization to continue to move this work forward, we will do. 

Lost-n-Found Youth is an Atlanta-based nonprofit that exists to end homelessness for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer (LGBTQ+) and all sexual minority youth. Through advocacy and outreach activities, our team works tirelessly each day to end homelessness.


More than 40% of homeless youth identify as LGBTQ and this disparity in the homeless youth population continues to grow. It only takes one donation to make a real difference in another person’s life.


LNFY has many volunteer opportunities available for individuals and groups from street outreach to assembling food and hygiene packs, and more.