Lost-n-Found Youth Continues Service to Homeless Youth Amidst Pandemic

Lost-n-Found Youth (LNFY) is continuing to provide shelter and support services to Atlanta’s homeless youth during the COVID-19 pandemic, including daily meals and emergency and transitional housing.At the emergence of the global health crisis, Lost-n-Found was able to respond immediately, adapting its operations and facilities to ensure continuation of service and shelter for its clients, who are considered one of the pandemic’s more vulnerable populations.

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Lost-n-Found Youth funds critical HIV program with gift from The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation and Macy’s

Lost-n-Found Youth (LNFY) has been awarded a grant for $25,000 from The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation (ETAF) in partnership with Macy’s.
The grant will be used for LNFY’s “PROMISE for HIP” program, which provides a safe space for LGBTQ homeless youth to receive HIV testing and treatment. The grant will also support LNFY’s community outreach and education around HIV prevention.

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